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Our purpose is simple:
Accelerating Innovation

We achieve this by creating Automated Test Systems (ATS) that help you bring new products and ideas to market faster.


Repeatable test results require automation. These custom systems typically necessitate expensive and time consuming debugging. Symplify allows our engineers to focus on your specific needs, eliminating the guesswork in troubleshooting during test and commissioning.

Turnkey solutions

Synovus Solutions designs and manufactures test systems built specifically to meet your requirements.

Hardware in the loop

We create test systems integrating realistic models in order to test your products automatically in a virtual environment.


You can rely on our framework to deliver solutions faster and to simplify your tests and results analysis.

Automated tests

Our team has a proven track record of delivering reliable ATEs for manufacturing.

Machine vision

Integrate visual and thermal measurements from still and video images in your test systems.


Take advantage of our expertise to support your own team in creating better test systems.


Let our Certified LabVIEW Architects help you leverage a great engineering tool.

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