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Battery and BMS testing

The advancement of electrical transportation means new products are coming to the market at a faster rate but their safety and longevity must continue to meet stringent requirements.

To meet shorter development cycles and lower R&D costs, you need to take advantage of hardware simulation and automated testing with new designs and prototypes. Synovus can help you achieve your objectives with custom solutions that meet your specific needs at R&D, V&V and manufacturing. Examples of applications include:

  • Automated regression testing of BMS
  • Cells characterization and ageing studies
  • Modules and packs power cycling
  • Synchronized control of power supply, load bank and environmental chamber

All of our test systems offer built-in 24/7 hardware based safety monitoring, continuous data-logging and deterministic control/modeling loops as fast as 1ms in software and 1µs in hardware (FPGA.)

test and measurement car
Green Plant CCS

Gas based renewable & Carbon Capture

Many new technologies require simultaneous control of gas flow, pressure and temperature, but verifying optimal operation conditions means long test plans with different multiple set points. Whether it is for fuel cell applications or carbon capture, that level of flexibility typically leads to custom control software that is difficult to maintain and requires expensive troubleshooting.

With our innovative approach based on Symplify™ and National Instruments I/Os, we deliver solutions that meet complex requirements and offer both flexibility and reliability so that companies can obtain repeatable results. ATS in this category typically include:

  • Control of multiple MFC and MFM
  • Automated measurements reading and calibration of gas analyzers
  • Perform arbitrary gas switching sequences and pressure changes
  • Synchronized monitoring of hundreds of parameters
  • 24/7 hardware based safety monitoring

Renewable power generation

Synovus can deliver Hardware In the Loop (HIL) simulators that enables automated validation and regression testing of electronics and control logic of run off river turbines. These solutions offer many advantages over software simulation and field testing such as:

  • Real electro-mechanical validation with motor controller
  • Unattended operation 24/7
  • Automated safety monitoring and control
  • Real time flow rate and force modeling with DUT feedback
  • Test DUT limits and safety logic
  • Detailed log and results files for any type of analysis
New hydro turbine model in development

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