Buhler Versatile Simulator

Buhler Versatile is the largest Canadian manufacturer of agricultural tractors. They offer more than 20 configurations of tractors, each one supporting a large number of options. To accelerate their development, Versatile hired Synovus’ services to create a tractor simulator so that their engineers could quickly test and troubleshoot new features. By replicating each of the components found in a real tractor, Synovus delivered a simulator that offered a reduction of 75% in troubleshooting time and a 30 fold increase in the frequency of testing.

Measurements from cameras

Some of our clients express the desire of making contactless measurements from images. The benefits of this technique are numerous including higher safety (no probes to apply on high voltage or high temperature components) and allowing for multiple measurements of temperatures or dimensions from a single exposure.

In two instances, our clients made significant savings by using this measurement technique (in one case >$1M). You can read more about these in the paper below.

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