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Symplify video gallery

Very few people are familiar with our approach for building reliable and flexible ATS with LabVIEW so we created this video gallery to answer most of the question that are frequently asked to us by new clients. The gallery is divided into multiple themes, each with 3-6 videos that are typically 60-90 seconds long.

By the end of the videos, we hope that you have a really good idea of how our focus on reducing troubleshooting could help you ship your product on schedule and on budget.

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Basic features

This gallery focuses on the features that are typically used by our end users. They make the operators’ life easier and every now and then, offers the information that your engineers are looking for.

Symplify Now!

Do you want to run your test plans with NI DAQ and traditional benchtop instruments today? Symplify Now lets you configure the commands you want to send to each instrument and what information to read back. Learn more through these detailed videos.

Porting existing code to Symplify

Your existing code is working and you should be able to re-use it until it can be improved. Find out how easy it is to bring existing code to Symplify thanks to our open “Tag” architecture.

Communicate with SCPI instrument from Symplify

Our standard driver lets you skip all the LabVIEW programming and collect the information that you require in minutes.

A performance to handle even the most challenging tasks

Not quite sure if our platform can deal with “all your signals and logic”? Watch these videos to see how 3,000 Tags accessed 200 times/second concurrently uses only 1% of a typical laptop’s CPU.

Performance test with 3,000 Tags and DAQ driver

Symplify Advanced troubleshooting feature

These are the tools that allow our developers and our clients to get the answers they want in 60 seconds, 24/7.

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