What is Symplify™?

Symplify™ is a robust platform for creating test automation
applications in LabVIEW. It enables us to create complex application
efficiently and make your tests and results analysis easier and faster.
Some of the key features include:

  • Advanced graphing features
  • Automation with flexible scripts
  • Support for Real Time targets
  • Synchronization of distributed systems

Visualize complex data and identify relationship or trends by plotting multiple parameters in real-time.


Configure the behavior of the test system at run time by creating your own scripts.


Use detailed execution reports to identify and solve issues with your products and prototypes.

A proven solution

Relying on existing libraries and modules allows us to significantly reduce development time and costs. Our engineers can spend more time adding value specifically for your application while letting you benefit from existing solutions.

Symplify™ is the base for all of our projects and we continuously improve the set of features and the performance to offer you the best test systems available. We intend to continue this development and to offer new features to our clients as they are made available.

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