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Choosing which Symplify is best for your application

You do appreciate the benefit of getting your automated test ready much faster than developing everything in house but you wonder which path is better for you between Symplify and Symplify Now. The image below depicts the main differences:

Symplify and Symplify Now comparison
Symplify and Symplify Now comparison

Need flexibility?

Symplify™ is a platform written in LabVIEW and allows developers to use any of the API calls in their custom code. With direct access to LabVIEW code, developers can create their own user interfaces, control logic and drivers to any equipment or their products. Despite having most features readily available in the platform, this custom code can represent a few weeks of development work.

Typical development required alongside Symplify™ libraries include:

  • Custom user interface
  • Complex control logic and feedback loops
  • High-speed reactions

On a tight schedule?

Symplify Now!™ is a pre-compiled application intended to quickly run automated tests with multiple piece of equipment normally found in any test lab:

  • Digital Multi-meter
  • Power supplies
  • Data Acquisition (DAQ) such as NI CompactDAQ and NI PXI
  • Temperature chamber controller

All standard features normally found in custom made Automated Test Systems (ATS) control solutions:

  • Graphing for slow (10S/s) and fast signals (kS/s)
  • Data-logging for both slow and fast signals
  • Continuous logging to disk

The script engine can be used to create typical test profiles and synchronize many instruments within ~1 second

Still undecided?

Another unique benefit of Symplify Now!™ is that clients can get the source code for the application in order to make significant changes in the logic such as including complex user interface.

Symplify Now! is the easiest place to start with an easier learning curve. If your application fits, try it out!

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