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Synovus receives $140K contribution from NRC-IRAP

What will you simulate with 1 ms accuracy?

Synovus Solutions is pleased to announce that it has recently secured a new contribution from the Government of Canada through the NRC-IRAP program. This contribution of more than $140k will be used to improve the performance and capabilities of our Symplify™ platform in order to meet the needs of medical, aerospace, energy and heavy-duty equipment manufacturers.

Over the past 2 years, Synovus has demonstrated the effectiveness of its approach and its ability to develop complex test systems with Symplify™ such as the flexible and reliable Hardware In the Loop (HIL) simulator for Versatile. As the next phase of development progresses, new releases of out platform will offer more performance to create more realistic models and a more detailed insight into the execution by displaying variables in real-time on graphs at rates faster than 1,000 samples per second.

Following these development activities, Synovus also expects to make its Symplify™ platform available as a standalone product to give the option to our clients to design their own Automated Test Systems (ATS) with our tools. This will allow for a wider adoption of Symplify™ while we continue to provide turnkey solutions for specific applications.

— Synovus Solutions Inc.  acknowledges the financial support from the Government of Canada, through the NRC-IRAP program. —

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