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What is SBX™?

SBX™ is a new enclosure created specifically for Automated Test Equipment integration. It uses the standard 19in rack form factor with a configurable height and depth to fit each individual project. Inside the enclosure, we rely on standard DIN rail and wire ducts normally found in electrical cabinets to integrate any hardware and create reliable electrical connection.

sbx box inside 1

Terminal blocks mounted on DIN rail offer high strength and clear connections.


Designed to be easily modified as your prototypes and needs evolve.

Ease of use

Intuitive touch panel interface at the front and support for a wide range of connectors at the rear.

sbx front white

A standard simple interface

On the front of SBX™, a standard touch screen monitor and LEDs are available to let the operator know the detailed status of the testing without having to be connected to a computer.

At the back, each box is customized to offer interconnections to external equipment and your Device Under Test (DUT). With a broad library of standard connectors on hand, our design engineers can quickly offer the interface that best suit your requirements.

Re-configurable, high density

With our patented technology, we can stack multiple DIN rails inside a single enclosure. This greatly reduces the number of wires and harnesses required externally and allow a single enclosure to pack more components. The hinged shelves allow for easy access to lower level for troubleshooting while the system is operational.

All of this is available inside a single, industry standard, 19in enclosure.

SBX Multi level open

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