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Turn your benchtop equipment into an ATS with Symplify open source SCPI driver

Are you repeating the same tests manually with your benchtop instruments?

There is usually a better use of engineers, technicians and scientists than manually running tests in the lab. Analyzing the test results and working the product’s design come to mind.

How easy would automating your tests be if you could copy sections from your instruments’ manuals directly into a table and monitor the measurement on a graph? Now, imagine that this information immediately saved to the hard disk drive and that decisions can be made based on that measurement without having to make any changes to the code of your application?

It’s now possible with the latest standard SCPI driver in Symplify 3.7. Write the instrument’s commands, along with any Tag value that needs to be formatted and included in the command directly in a table. The returned values can be parsed directly from the response into Tags with simple string scanning or with highly flexible Regular Expressions (RegEx).

Standard SCPI driver front panel
Standard SCPI driver configured for Power Supply

Just like our standard drivers (instrument specific) launched 2 years ago, this new driver is entirely open source. This makes it very easy to expand it if some commands require complex data processing that you would like to include directly inside the driver.

You can see it in action right here as we interface with a DMM in mere seconds: 

And the next 2 videos show how you can get to a fully automated test in 2 minutes!

We will share more information in the near future about standard Modbus and Modbus TCP driver that can be similarly configured from the user interface. With the NI DAQmx driver already available, now more than ever, Synovus and Symplify accelerate your innovation.

Synovus Solutions recognizes the financial support provided by NRC IRAP in the development of Symplify and in particular the recent development of features that let operator run unique tests without any programming.

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