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How to optimize your code only where it is needed?

How to spend your time where it matters?

“Optimization” is the process of making your code run faster and more deterministically. In the realm of ATS, this important process can be the difference between a reliable system and one that randomly misses time sensitive tasks, generating false positives and/or negatives that wastes days of teams efforts.

In his book “Creative Selection”, the former Apple employee Ken Kocienda talks about the challenge of optimizing code. More than 95% of the time, the optimization done by software developers has little to no impact on the overall performance. If the risk of wasting time with either approach is high, how can a developer or a manager decides what matters.

Synovus believes that the solution resides in the same approach we take in all our activities: to be able to understand in real-time what is happening in your code and why. Here again, Symplify™ packs tools to let you do the identification of “does it matter” without any guess work. It is also our favorite tool to look at the performance of code from new employees or from our clients and show exactly what needs to be addressed.

Central Data Collector (CDC)

The CDC was a tool that was originally added to offer “probes” at run-time in any LabVIEW code but was later modified to expand the features set and usefulness of this library. As you can see below, tool shows at a glance exactly how much CPU each code module/driver/UI uses (per VI file in LabVIEW).

CDC UI Idle monitoring
Idle monitoring window of the CDC in a simple application

In the next tab, the developer or manager can see a host of information ranging from the frequency at which each code portion is executed to detailed metrics and statistics about very granular code segments.

CDC UI CPU usage per case
Precisely know where your code uses a the CPU

What’s best? These tools can run natively in a fully compiled application (EXE) as well as on the Real-Time targets from NI. The footprint and impact of those libraries is so small that it can always be enabled to offer the answers that you need, when you need them.

With this in place, developers and managers alike can be sure that the development conducted is required and focused on where it matters!

So, are you ready to accelerate your Innovation?

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