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Free webinar – Scale Up Your EV Automated Testing and Reduce Time to Market

The problem with custom test systems are very similar: interface with multiple instruments, keep complex, evolving, test procedures synchronized and make the process repeatable to so your computer application can generate reliable data that can be analyzed quickly. Those instruments are typically from different manufacturers and speak different protocols so it’s a pretty difficult objective to reach. For a long time, the automotive industry was using standard components and there were off the shelf testers available for most functions. However, with the EV market exploding since early 2010, the standards are still evolving and standardized test systems don’t cover everyone’s needs yet. This means virtually every company needs a good level of DiY to run cohesive profiles that produce meaningful and repeatable results.

EA power supplies and load

Partnering with Testforce and NI, Synovus prepared a webinar in June 2022 to discuss many of the challenges and opportunities to greatly reduce the development time of your ATE and increase repeatability and determinism, two of the biggest issues in collecting great data to answer complicated questions and go to market faster! The webinar is focused mostly on hardware selection, hardware configuration and choosing the best remote control approach to keep the software simpler. We really hope that these few ideas and concepts shed some lights on issues you are currently facing and also lead to great, sometimes difficult conversions within your teams about how to solve the challenges that you are currently facing.

LabVIEW and PLC communication options

Key concepts presented:

  • Offloading the pattern generation through built-in functions in your instruments
  • Collecting hardware timestamped data through DAQ devices rather than point to point
  • What is CAN (Controller Area Network) and its crucial role in your EV testing
  • How NI XNET drivers and LabVIEW can easily offload deterministic tasks to the hardware
  • What are the different communication methods with PLC and industrial equipment and how those impact your testing schedule

After watching the video, please share your feedback about what you think of this session and what you would like follow up events to cover to help you with your specific challenges around custom ATE integration.

Incase you missed it, You can watch the webinar here: Scale Up Your EV Automotive Testing and Reduce Time to Market | Testforce

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