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Free deployment options of Symplify™ to help Cleantech startups

We’ve made many posts already about our Symplify™ platform which allows our team to create custom ATS for engineering support. Now at version 3.6, it has evolved tremendously since version 1.0 thanks to the feedback of our clients. This feedback has been instrumental in focusing our engineers effort to create a product that is flexible, reliable and deterministic.

Beyond the request for more features, we’ve listened to your desire to maintain and even to create the ATS “in-house”. To that effect, we’ve produced better documentation, training and support material. We’ve also updated our processes to include your engineers in the ATS development but one problem remained: the unique “deployment license” option was too costly for many small test systems and difficult to standardize across an entire lab.

Beginning with Symplify™ 3.6, we have created new options for simpler test stations that require few Tags access and simple test automation. The table below shows what deployment options are available for Symplify™ 3.6:

Most important options that are now offered with new licenses in Symplify 3.6
: This is not an exhaustive list of features. Please see Symplify™ 3.6 flyer for details at

If you’ve read some of our other posts and papers, you know that what makes our work possible is the our constant focus on offering better troubleshooting tools. This is true for both the ATS and your product or technology. To make sure that we remain committed to that goal, regardless of the type of license on a given machine, a floating license on a USB stick can be used at any time to immediately enable all the features when you need it. This is yet another way to help our clients troubleshoot in 60 seconds, 24/7.

So what about the cleantech? One of the reason for founding Synovus was to help accelerate innovation for new technologies that have a positive impact for the environment. Even though Symplify™ can be used in almost any field, our team is proud that 80% of our work is positively impacting the development of cleaner technologies. We intend on continuing this trend with a broader support of SME with more affordable solutions.

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