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Case Study about Versatile simulator published

Buhler Versatile hired Synovus Solutions to create a tractor simulator to accelerate their development . Following the successful deployment of the test system in 2017, Versatile was able to increase its testing coverage while reducing troubleshooting time by 75%. To better describe this application and the details of the simulator, Synovus and Versatile wrote a case study. The paper demonstrates some of the major benefits of the application for the tractor manufacturer along with the different use cases for the new simulator.

Readers will also find images showing how the custom User Interfaces (UI) let Versatile’s engineers use their traditional interfaces such as the Electronic Instruments Cluster (EIC) and their proprietary armrest. That feature is very important for the operator when the simulator has more than 1000 variables to handle. As we describe in the paper, this is made possible with Symplify’s deterministic behavior, parallel processing and built-in diagnostics and automation tools.

You can find the paper in our Case Studies section and understand how the simulator accelerates Versatile’s innovation.

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