Synovus describes its first value: Quality

What does Quality mean for Synovus?

Synovus Solutions places Quality as its most important value to thrive in today’s marketplace and to make our customers more successful. Our emphasis on Quality drives how we advise clients, how we design our solutions and how we conduct our internal Research and Development activities. By continuously keeping Quality in mind, we can deliver reliable and easy to use solutions that provide our clients with all the answers they seek about their prototypes. This saves them a tremendous amount of time, bringing new products to market faster, at a lower cost and with fewer headaches along the way.

Understanding the system

For Synovus, Quality begins with truly understanding a system. Too often, in many industries, we have seen that problems, failure and errors are just being ignored for short term productivity gain, only to resurface a few weeks later and ultimately cost companies a lot more than if they had been addressed early on. There are always good reasons not to investigate those problems when they surface: the intermittent nature of the problem and lack of detailed information about the cause often make the diagnostic activities too daunting too address quickly.

This was probably the single biggest reason to begin developing Symplify four years ago – to ensure that we would always have access to detailed information about performance and execution. Symplify allows us to explain the root cause of problems to our clients, often along with potential solutions. This approach resulted in the creation of our Error handling, System Log trace execution and Graphing modules as the first building blocks of Symplify. While the first two can be used to diagnose system’s level problem, Graphing can be used to understand trends and relationships between signals as it pertains to our clients’ prototypes, whether it’s in the past 5 seconds or 5 days of testing.

Working with simple processes

To a large extent, we believe that Quality can be automated. From the use of templates to properly handle software exceptions to continuously validating our source code multiple times a day, we can prevent issues before they happen and receive immediate feedback when any functionality has been affected by new development. Internally, Symplify source code undergoes more than 30 different tests multiple times a day.

Validating high performance for weeks

This series of tests is continuously expanding because our development approach requires our engineers to include automated tests for each new feature developed. We also promptly add test coverage for new bugs detected after the initial development, guaranteeing that they never happen again. In parallel to this, each new version of Symplify is regularly tested on Real-Time targets, performing a very large number of operations over multiple weeks, to guarantee that there are no memory leaks or issues that take a long time to surface. All of this validation is done entirely un-attended, with the computer reporting failures by e-mail as soon as they are detected.

Automating validation of custom solutions

As early as possible for each project, we use Symplify’s script engine to quickly create a comprehensive suite of tests to continuously monitor our own development as well as any changes in the client’s prototypes. By tracking the results each day, often multiple times a day, we can effortlessly detect and diagnose intermittent issues and precisely trace the source and root cause of new errors. For example, before we delivered the solution on a recent project, the system had already completed well over 1000 hours of automated testing, providing us with very useful feedback along the way and giving everyone involved a high level of confidence with regard to the reliability of the system.

Supporting our work

Finally, Quality includes support for our clients. When an issue is detected and communicated to our developers, we rapidly look at the information available through Symplify’s tools with our clients to understand the root cause of the problem. In many cases, this means explaining to the client how changes in their products are affecting the results. In almost every such case, we can very quickly say if the problem is in our solution or in the client’s changes, saving valuable time that would traditionally have been spent blindly troubleshooting difficult problems. Because of the work that was invested over the recent years to develop a solid platform, this support can usually be offered remotely, resolving issues promptly even for complex problems.


We hope that this brief introduction to our first corporate value helps you appreciate the importance that Synovus Solutions puts in Quality. This results in our clients being more successful at delivering higher quality products and achieving our main purpose: Accelerating Innovation.


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