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Systems Engineer & LabVIEW developer (FT / PT)

Synovus Solutions designs automated test and control systems to address complex problems and to enable our clients to go to market faster, with higher quality products. To accomplish this, we have developed a flexible and reliable platform named Symplify™ that we use to deliver systems such as a Hardware In the Loop (HIL) tractor simulator and control systems with loop rates faster than 1kHz. This platform is at the center of our value proposition, allowing our team to address issues that would normally be considered too risky to undertake with a custom solution.

We are currently looking for a Systems Engineer to lead projects for multiple clients coming from a broad range of industries. This position will offer a combination of software development (~50%), project management (~25%), technical design and integration work (25%)to create Automated Test Systems (ATS) to support engineering activities.

The successful candidate should be autonomous, self-motivated and results-oriented with a strong commitment to proper development processes. They must be interested in continuous improvement, regularly learning and exploring new concepts and pushing the limits of existing technologies to deliver the best products and most reliable solutions to our customer.

Synovus offers a very flexible work environment. Work can be completed in our Vancouver office or remotely, like many staff choose to do. We will consider applications from all parts of Canada, both full time and part time for this position (>24 hours/wk).


  • Understand clients objectives and create a list of requirements
  • Participate in system level design and make sure that every team member understands all aspects to a level that allows them to perform their work efficiently and meet our standards
  • Program drivers and other code modules within Symplify™ environment (in LabVIEW + Python)
  • Participate in the preparation of quotations and proposals for new projects
  • Prepare weekly reports on projects, and be in frequent contact with client
  • Participate in system integration, assembly, validation and acceptance tests
  • Liaise with clients during project execution to ensure that we deliver on our promises
  • Participate in our continuous improvement processes to ensure clients’ satisfaction and deliver higher value solutions
  • Complete all work and conduct activities in ways that align with our values
  • Review electrical and mechanical systems


  • 5+ years in technical engineering design position (Mechanical, Electrical, Software)
  • 3+ years managing custom projects to meet clients requirements
  • Hands on experience designing and troubleshooting embedded software that control time sensitive processes
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills and able to synthesize complex problems with simple words and analogies
  • Personal values and work ethics aligned with our company’s values including a very high level of integrity
  • Track record of meeting or exceeding clients expectations while respecting schedule and budgets
  • Comfortable working on multiple projects in a fast paced environment
  • Results oriented, outgoing, self-motivated
  • Strong desire to help customers make their business more successful
  • Proven leadership and listening skills
  • Quick learner who can understand complex systems
  • Team player

Additional Assets

  • Working knowledge of LabVIEW and National Instruments products
  • Working knowledge  of scripting languages such as VBA or Python
  • Experience using National Instruments hardware (cRIO, cDAQ, PXI, etc.)
  • Proficient with Excel, Word

About Synovus

The word Synovus comes from “Synergy” and “Novus” (“New” in latin). This means that we work with our clients to bring new ideas to market faster. We offer competitive compensation, opportunities for professional and personal development and we value a healthy work-life balance. Our team is formed with highly motivated and skilled individuals interested in creating reliable and easy to use solutions for big problems.



To apply, please send your resume and cover letter to Only successful candidates will be contacted.

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